The Best Way to Run Your Restaurant

Organize all areas of your restaurant in one click. Agenda, reservations, invoicing, stock management and much more…

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Organize all areas of your restaurant in one click.

With the customized MesaQui software you will be able to manage all the areas or tasks of your restaurant from any device with internet access, without the need to download any application or install software.

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Virtual Agenda
The perfect tool for your restaurant to keep all its areas linked and up to date.

Effective communication
It will be much easier and more effective to communicate between the members of your restaurant.

Online reservations
Increase your restaurant’s competitive advantage by being available for reservations 24 hours a day and manage them yourself.

Inventory Control
Keep track of the products needed in your restaurant with a single click and don’t run out of materials.

Team Management
Organize weekly or monthly tasks in one click, both yours and those of your team.

Organize and manage invoices to your suppliers or tickets for your customers in a single click.

Manage the ratings on your website and place the best ones in the top positions.

So that you can always keep your system up to date, we include maintenance.

Some of our clients

Organize your restaurant in one click

From your reservations, suppliers, workers’ schedules, invoicing and everything you can imagine for your restaurant, you can achieve it with MesaQuí, the best adaptable and personalized software for your restaurant.



your website

  • Updated website
  • Customer reviews
  • SEO Positioning
  • Active SSL
  • Responsive design
  • Hosting
  • Domain
  • Technical support by phone or email
  • Maintenance

Reservations & Orders

  • Centralized and up-to-date booking portal
  • No commissions
  • Uninterrupted Active
  • Multi-Device
  • Booking or Order Confirmation Notifications
  • Booking Reminder
  • Linked to your website
  • Requesting customer reviews

Internal Management

  • Synchronised comprehensive agenda
  • Control of reservations or orders
  • Management panel where you can accept or reject the booking, manually or automatically
  • Status control of orders or reservations
  • Valuation Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Billing
  • Stock control

Do you want to know what MesaQuí can do for your restaurant?

Your ally for success in the hospitality industry

Welcome! At MesaQuí we know how important it is to stand out in the competitive world of hospitality. That’s why we want to introduce you to our platform designed especially for restaurants, bars, cafes, and more. MesaQuí, generated by Asystem España S.L., a software development company with extensive experience of more than 10 years, focuses on providing you with effective and creative solutions to boost your business.

Did you know that 8 out of 10 customers use the Internet to find the ideal place to enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner? For this reason, having an up-to-date website and a booking portal has become an essential requirement for any establishment in the hospitality sector that wants to attract new customers and retain old ones.

But that’s not all. We know that running a restaurant involves multiple daily tasks that can be challenging. That’s why we offer a complete management software that integrates all areas of your business, making daily tasks much more bearable. With MesaQuí, you’ll be able to have everything under control efficiently and without complications.

Our services are specifically designed to improve the productivity and profitability of your restaurant. In addition, we adapt to your image and the way you work. You won’t have to adapt to our tool!

And best of all, MesaQuí is completely accessible from any device with internet access. Forget about software installations and downloads! With your username and password, you will be able to access our platform from anywhere and at any time.

In short, at MesaQuí we offer comprehensive solutions to boost your business in the hospitality sector. From creating an attractive and functional website to a comprehensive management software tailored to your needs, we’re here to help you succeed. Join us and discover how MesaQuí can transform your restaurant, bar or café!



Pay only for what you use

If you prefer to pay per reservation or per guest, without having to pay a minimum monthly fee, ask us about this service.


    50€ /month

    Booking portal that can be integrated with your website:

    • Booking management
    • Client Management
    • Agenda Management
    • Feedback Management
    • Booking form linked from your website and/or from the mesaqui.es portal
    • Access to management panel with username/password
    • Basic hosting and own subdomain
    • @mesaqui.es email account
    • Monthly Support 1 hour


    80€ /month

    Booking portal and website with 5 sections in 2 languages: English and Spanish. Each section will be accessible from a menu entry:

    • Webpage with 5 initial sections: Welcome page. Our History. Our menu. News. Contact
    • Register in 1 social network
      Basic SEO Setup
    • Link to booking portal
    • Client Management
    • Agenda Management
    • Feedback Management
    • Booking form
    • Access to management panel with username/password
    • Basic Hosting & Own Domain
    • 1 professional email account
    • Monthly support 1 hour, with content update



    Consult / Request Demo

    Send us the information about your restaurant and what you are looking for and we will call you or visit you without obligation.

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